Fake ePDQ Payment Gateway for Testing


So you've installed the Barclaycard ePDQ CPI payment module and want to be able to test going through the entire purchase process with it, but you don't yet have an Internet merchant account with Barclaycard Business? Then you can use this fake ePDQ payment gateway we've setup for testing only. Instead of asking the customer for card payment details it will simply display all the information that will be sent through to the payment gateway and lets you decide both the Transaction Status and ECI Status values you wish to be returned in the validation response to Prestashop.


The fake gateway scripts do not cache or store received data in any way shape or form, however even if you did really trust us, since our hosted fake gateway does not make use of an SSL security certificate to encrypt your connection please NEVER send any real customer or store information across the Internet to it. If you use our payment module then your CPI store ID and CPI pass-phrase will automatically be substituted whenever you use the test payment gateway to protect your real details from being intercepted.

Q. How do I configure the ePDQ CPI payment module to use the fake payment gateway?

A. From within the ePDQ CPI module configuration screen in the Server Environment settings section you can simply select gateway.prestashop-epdq.org from the drop down list of payment gateways.

Q. I'm not using your payment module, but can I still use your fake payment gateway to test my own ePDQ CPI integration?

A. This is possible, if you are interested in this then please contact us for more information.

(screenshot - fake payment gateway for testing)

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